Construction Loan in Melbourne

Our expert team help you in findingthe right construction loan

Build your new home with a construction loan and you may spend less than buying an existing property. Construction Loan can be used for :

  • Renovations of your current home
  • Constructing a new home from scratch
  • Renovations needed in a property to bring improvements and make it a home you want to live in
There can be different approaches for a construction loanCorrect approach to benefit you

Loan Waves can assist you in choosing and taking the correct approach to benefit you:

  • A construction loan for the period of construction, that can be made permanent at the end of the construction period
  • A temporary construction loan for the period of construction, to be paid off post the construction by a permanent loan from another lender
Requirements for the construction loansbest deal from the lenders for your financial benefit

All lenders have different requirements for the construction loans. This can create confusions for the clients. As a result construction loans are often set-up with many errors. At Loan Waves, our advisers help you break down and simplify these requirements to make an easy comparison between the range of loans offered by the lenders. Our financial advisers also take your financial situation and future plans in consideration when assisting you in choosing the correct construction loan. Our team will also assist you in negotiating the best deal from the lenders for your financial benefit.

Our financial team will help you understand the legal terms around the loan so you are aware of all the terms and conditions before you choose to take up the loan.

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