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Refinance means to finance again – with a new lender at a lower rate of interest OR negotiate the interest rate with the existing lender or finance provider

Refinancing a home loan has quite a few methods and it can be confusing to choose which strategy will work for the most financial gain. We are established mortgage broker in Thomastown and can help you weigh the pros and cons of each possibility to help you work through with the most ideal strategy. In most cases, the benefits of refinancing your home loan would outweigh the cost of refinancing if planned properly.

Our specialist mortgage broker team can assist you in choosing the right pathway to avoid any extra or hidden financial costs. We can help customise an approach that suits your situation and benefits you the most. As an experienced mortgage broker in Thomastwon, we have helped a number of customers save yearly on what they pay as mortgage by refinancing loan effectively.

How refinancing your home loan helps?
How refinancing your home loan helps?Loan Waves finds the best loan offer
  • Reduce the life of loan with a refinance
  • Lower the rate of interest and save money on existing monthly repayments
  • Break your loan with a refinance strategy to benefit from a lesser interest rate

Loan Waves finds the best loan offer which suits your current financial situation. Loan Waves offers you flexible and effective options that would save you the maximum money as well as have more superior features compared to your existing home loan.

Act today to reduce the tenure of your loan, Call Loan Waves at 03 8538 1770 for a free consultation with one of our mortgage experts. We have been serving customers for a decade as experienced team of mortgage brokers in Thomastown.
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